Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pance F Pondaag Dies at 59


Indonesia once again lost one of its best musicians. Legendary singer and songwriter Pance F Pondaag died at 17:00 pm, Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at his home.

Currently Pance bodies buried at Atma Jaya Funeral Home, Pluit, North Jakarta. Officer Funeral Home Atmajaya, Rudi ensure that the remains singer again "For You and the Baby" had entered the funeral home hospital. "The body was brought here recently and is being examined," said Rudi to VIVAnews.

Frans Pance Pondaag is a singer-songwriter era of the 1980s. Pance go into orbit a few Indonesian singers such as Dian Piesesha and Meriam Bellina.

Currently a number of the deceased family, friends and friends were gathered in the funeral home.

Some of the songs ever sung by Pance Meriam Bellina them, 'Jangan Pernah Kau Ragukan' and 'Untuk Sebuah Nama'.

PIRACY complain HYMN

Singer and songwriter Pance Pondaag died at age 59 years. Pance who was born in Makassar, February 18, 1951 it has a lot to create a melancholy tone of songs-traditional songs at the music of Indonesia. Pance best friend, also joined Benny Panjaitan feel lost.

"At last meeting, he complained about piracy, because it was lethal creators," said Benny Panjaitan "Panbers" when talking with VIVAnews, Thursday, June 3, 2010.

Benny began to make friends with Pance claimed since the 1970s. "We were very compact. Often one stage too. I, he, Barce Van Hauten and others," said Benny who just perpetuate the creation Pance song titled 'My Search for the best road' through the VCD karaoke.

In the eyes of Benny, Pance pioneers spawned a lot of talented young singers of his time, especially women. "Dian Pisesha and Meriam Bellina included," he said.

In memory of Benny, one of the messages conveyed Pance need to be submitted to the public. Pance, continued Benny told the Indonesian community should appreciation whole song. "Do not see the time that had passed, and then forgotten. Now famous for a lot of idol singers, who could not survive as a singer-singer first," he said.

Frans Pance Pondaag indeed suffered a stroke since 2001. But the creator of the song 'My Best Find your way' has had a chance to improve, because that Benny could not believe her best friend was gone. "For two months, he is back and forth to the doctor," said Benny.

"I do not think, because we treat the illness, he was also hurt ordinary times," said Benny. But Benny was eventually convinced when he got a text message from his wife Pance, Yati.

Benny is also the main vocalist in this Panbres, last met with Pance about half a year ago when they fill out an event in one of the private television.

"At that time I was sitting alongside him, instead he looks fine, we had time to chat anyway," said Benny Panjaitan been friends since the 1970s with the deceased.

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