Saturday, June 5, 2010

Andi Meriem Matalatta Dies at 52 in Netherlands


Sad news re-coloring the world of Indonesian artists. '80s Singer, Andi Meriam Matalatta died. Andi Meriam Matalatta died in the Netherlands.

According to Andi Meriam Matalata family, Dahlan Shiva, the news about the death of the singer, are obtained from relatives who lived in Jakarta that Andi Radlia. Andi Radlia gives sad news to her families, Andi Meriam Matalatta in Makassar. He tells if Andi Meriam Matalatta had died in the Netherlands.

"Suddenly She shortness of breath," said Dahlan when met at the house in Jalan Andi Meriam Ratulangi No. 12, Makassar, Saturday, June 5, 2010.

Andi Meriem Matalatta was the fifth of six children. She was born in Makassar on August 31, 1957. She was first called "The Pearl from the South" by Iskandar, a composer or musician who once created a special song titled for her. From her first husband, She has a daughter named Dania. After her first husband died, She married Hendra Pribadi
"She suffered complications," said Andi Meriem Matalatta sister in law, the Supreme Syaifullah, in Jakarta, Saturday (06/05/2010).

Court explained, a few moments before he died, the singer in the 80s era had a chance to complain about the existence of such wounds or sores on their hands.

"She called from the Netherlands complained about the existence of such wounds or sores on their hands. It turns out that trigger infection and ulcers cause complications because he has high blood sugar and ultimately affect the work of the heart," he said.

"Before he died, She still had time to communicate by telephone from the Netherlands reported that he felt weak," he said.

He also added that the purpose of Andi Meriem Matalatta to Holland to take his daughter, Dania, a vacation to Amsterdam.

"She had been in Amsterdam for two days and the time departed from Indonesia in good health. It turned out that the wound on his hand quickly and lead to the development of his health condition," said Agung.

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